Diva Dane’s New Toy

Happy Friday Everyone,

Just like Bizzy Lady, I purchased the Janome HD3000 for bag making and received it last week. I am so in love with this machine. It handles the thick or bulk of fabric that is needed for totes and purses.


Since the machine, I have been making lots of bags. Bizzy Lady and I are part of several bag making groups on Facebook. While we are looking at all the bags that other make is inspiration for me in bag making.

Once group that I really like is the Swoon Pattern Group. By being in this group, I didn’t know that there are so many Swoon Patterns out there. I love her patterns because its easy to follow. For some of the bags, she has tutorials with pictures. I love a good tutorial with lots of pictures. 🙂

And just a year ago, I said I would never make a purse and look at me now.


These are a small and large version of the Heidi Clutch Purse by Swoon Pattern

wp-1478172093256.jpg wp-1477915200629.jpg

This is the Ethel Bag by Swoon Pattern


Bonnie Bag by Swoon Pattern


This is the Kelley Bag and its a bag of the month from The Crafty Gemini Club.


The Twisted Lock Wallet

wp-1478171940142.jpg wp-1478171940151.jpg

Well I am going to take a small break from bag making and complete a swap quilt that I need to get done soon so that I can ship them out soon.

Until Next Time…..

Diva Dane



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  1. They look great! That sewing machine looks like a dream!

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