Diva Dane’s Birthday in the Bahamas

Hey Everyone,

I hope yall are enjoying this summer weather and spending time outdoors. Last week was my (Diva Dane) birthday. I usually celebrate the whole month. Bizzy Lady and one of our other friend, enjoyed a nice getaway to Paradise Island in the Bahamas. We stayed at the Meila Nassau All-Inclusive.



We did a deep sea excursion where we were in a submarine Pod and went to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean and swam with the fish. I don’t swim and I was sooooo scared at first. I was the second to go down and I asked right away to come back up. So I left the other people go ahead of me and then a faced my fears and went under. It was awesome to say that I had that once in a lifetime experience.



We also took a Booze Cruise boat ride along the ocean and also stopped at a very small island for people to swim and play in the water. This event was also a blast. Along this ride we was the Atlantic Hotel which is huge.


We also rode past Oprah’s Waterfront Home.


We saw a cap side ship.


wp-1469019863322.jpg wp-1469019780934.jpg

We had a wonderful time and can’t wait to go back to the Bahamas.

Until next time….

Diva Dane

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