Diva Dane’s Adinkra Quilt

This was suppose to be our guild GLAAQN (Great Lakes African American Quilters Network) challenge for 2015 AQS Grand Rapids Guild Challenge,  but we didn’t get enough participation. At that time Bizzy Lady and I decided that we were going to participate.

The organizers of the challenge decided for a select number of members that wanted to participate to design quilts with Adinkra Symbol.

I decided to use SEPC Symbol. This symbol means an Executioner’s knife or A dagger  and a symbol of justice. This also means the equity of good over evil and the uniting of the people and perpetuation of the nation

Sepow African Adinkra Wedding Symbol


I love the way this quilt turned out.



Well now I have a new completed quilt to add to my collection.

Until then…

Diva Dane

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