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This is a photo blog of other works created by Diva Dane.

I have other talents other than quilting. I started my craft career as a jewelry artist. I am also learning how to crochet. I have made a few hats, a purse and I am currently working on a shrug.

I hope you all enjoy my other talents.


I took Thread Art Class on http://www.craftsy.com , taught by Lola Jenkins. This is were you create a design and stitch it out with thread. Once you have completed that you then color in your design with color pencils. This was a fun online class.



Stacie Bag – Crafty Gemini August Bag


Modern Clutch


Easy Crossbody Tote


Easy Crossbody Tote




These are my fabric designed Greeting Cards. Each card has appliqued fabric designs on them.

20120127_152509 20120127_152605

20120127_152749 20120204_130005


These are some of my Jewelry, Cuff Links and Belt Buckle designs.

20111102_210213 20111116_225323 20111116_225601 20120104_181556 20120119_204047 20120120_202144 20120120_210641 belt buckle

4 Responses to Diva Dane – More

  1. Cathie Trotter says:

    Hi Dana, sorry I didn’t get to catch up with you at Quiltcon – I did look for you, with no luck! Love your blog – you are a very creative lady! I hope to meet you one day either in the US or Australia! I hope you liked your lanyard and treats (if they ever arrived!) Cathie

    • Hi Cathie,
      Yes the lanyard and my treats finally came and i enjoyed them all. Thank you very much. I tried to email you while at QuiltCon with the addresd the Jules gave me but it was incorrect.

  2. Cathie Trotter says:

    We are coming back in 2017 for Savannah, are you going then? I would love to keep in touch and hopefully meet you one day!

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