At our last DAMQG (Detroit Area Modern Quilt Guild) meeting, we had to bring scraps from our fabric stash. We put everyone’s fabric in the middle of the table and then we were able to swap fabric twice that measured the size of a 19×25 sheet of paper.

Our next challenge was to take at least 3 pieces of fabric from our new stash and make a quilted item to swap at the next meeting. There is a fun game that we play where you pick a card from a deck of cards and you go in numerical order. Then you can select an item you like. That item can be taken from the next person that is up, but the trick is the item can only be swapped twice.  The sad part of it, I will be out of town for our next meeting so Bizzy Lady will have to fill in for me.

I got in the grove of making a small project that I created two pieces for the swap.

I first wanted to make a mini quilt from an inspirational piece that I saw online.


Then I made a smaller quilt that the lucky winner can hang in her sewing room. The DAM guild has fun because our acronym is DAM so I only thought this would be fitting.


Also at the meeting, I was asked to do a demonstration of a quilting tool that I use all the time. So I knew right away that I would demo June Tailor Slotted Rulers. When Bizzy Lady and I learned first learned how to quilt, our teacher introduced us to “The Lady Cheat Sheet”. These rulers make the cutting process in quilting move fast and smooth. I think between Bizzy Lady and I we have almost all the June Tailor rulers.

The Super Cut and Super Cut Plus cut strips of fabric the measure from 1/2 to 18 inches.


Quarter Cut cut strips from 1/4 to 12 inches




There are also several rulers that include Diamond, Hexagon and Exact Eights that you can find on the June Tailor Website.

I’m getting a little upset because I wont be able to quilt for 9 days because I will be out of town for work.  But I will have 1 or 2 hexie projects with me that I can hand stitch in my room when I get time,  if I will get any.

Well the next time you hear from me, I will be in Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

Until then….
Diva Dane

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