Custom Purse and Accessory Tags

Bizzy Lady and I  went on a huge search in December to find nice tags to promote our company and ourselves when we are selling our custom made items to our customers.  Bizzy Lady found this wonderful company, Wearhouse Industries.

We love our custom tags and have started using them with our items.


I have made this wonderful Radyn Clutch.

It’s so amazing how Bizzy Lady and I making purses, clutches totes and other items. Just a year or so ago, we said we wouldn’t venture off in that area. What’s the saying, “Never Say Never”,because the thing you say you never would do is the same thing that you love to do.
We highly recommend this company if you are in the market for wooden tags and accessories.

As I said before, look out for what we have in. 2017 is our year!!!!!

Until next time……

Diva Dane

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