Crochet Hat

One day last Fall while Bizzy Lady and I were bowling,  she brought her yarn and needles to work on one of knitting projects.  But what I didnt know was she brought extra supplies to teach me how to knit. The thing is I’m left-handed and she’s right-handed. It was kinda interesting in the beginning with her trying to teach me to knit left-handed but we got it to work. After a few stitches I just couldn’t get the hang of it. So I let Bizzy Lady know I didn’t want to learn that and then she started teaching me how to crochet.  I was learning that much easier and faster. Since then I have made a handful of scarves, hats and purses. I have a few UFO’s that I need to complete.  I attempted to make a shawl for myself and I only have 3 rows left to complete, that I have been trying to do for the whole summer. I will make an effort to get it completed this month so that I can use it during the Fall.

The hat below, I have completed.  The only thing I need to do is finish it off and add a button on the front of the hat.




I have a lot of yarn to use up, just like Bizzy Lady.  I need to design my patterns with her help or use patterns that I have to use up all the yarn that I have.

Have a nice weekend all. I plan to be working on a lot of projects.

Diva Dane

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