Crochet Hat For My Mom

Happy Hump Day Everyone,

I leave tomorrow morning for Laredo, Texas for work and I haven’t started packing. So guess what I will be doing tonight because I have too. šŸ™‚

In a previous post, I posted a picture of a hat that I was going to do for my mother but I didn’t like that. I have decided to make her this one.


I have started the hat and I’m currently on row 9 and I believe that there are 20 something rows.


I will be taking this with me so hopefully when I get back, my mom will have her hat to match the scarf I made her last year.

I also have to decide what other projects I will be taking with me and hopefully I will have down time to work on them.

Well my next post will be from sunny Texas.

Diva Dane

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