Cricut Madness……..

Hey Everybody,

So it’s been a little while since Bizzy Lady and I have posted. It’s because we each have gotten a bright shiny object and that has consumed a lot of our time over the last month.

We each purchased a Cricut Maker and Cricut Easy Press.

Image result for cricut maker

Image result for easy press

These 2 new toys has expanded the Craft Diva Business to new heights. We will post pictures soon of items we have made this Cricut.

We are also excited to say that we are working on our Online E commerce store. Currently we are in the process of taking pictures, designing the site and stocking our shelves with our products. πŸ™‚

More to come next month. As I claimed it at the beginning of 2018, This Is Going to Be Our Year!!!!

Until next time…..

The Craft Divas

Diva Dane and Bizzy Lady


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