Craft Diva Buttons for QuiltCon

Hey Everyone,

The Craft Divas are in the home stretch for coordinating our Guild’s Quilt Show.  We are trying to fit in Craft Diva time but it’s been very hard.

So one of the fun things we are going to be participating in for QuiltCon, is a button exchange.   Several people that attend this event, get buttons designed showcasing their business name and/or quilting alter ego.  As a surprise, I got Bizzy Lady and myself buttons designed.

We love they way they turned out.  Now its time to order a larger supply so that we will have enough to exchange with our quilting friends and our new friends that we will be meeting.


We hope anyone who follows us or is visiting or blog and will be attending QuiltCon, will find out where we are during that week and will come meet us and receive pins from The Craft Divas.

I had some free time and made a very easy 30 minute pencil pouch to store my pins in.




Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend.

Diva Dane

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2 Responses to Craft Diva Buttons for QuiltCon

  1. Your buttons are so cute! I want t bring buttons to quiltcon too. Do you have a recommendation on button size and quantity to bring? Thanks!

    • Hello Cheryl,

      I have just placed another order for our buttons and they should be arriving this weekend. We will be taking around 100 each. I don’t know what a good number would be put 100 I would say is good. I used Kyle and he has an Etsy page. He is real nice and helps you with your design. The size of our buttons are 1.5 inches. I think that is a good size to have your logo or design display nicely. I first ordered 1 inch for one of our buttons and we decided it was too small and that 1.5 inches is perfect.

      You should try Kyle out and this is the link to his Etsy page: . If you can’t find it that way search for Cheapestbuttonsnet on Esty.

      Let me know if you have any other questions. We hope to meet you and swap our buttons with you.

      Diva Dane

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