Couldn’t Resist

So this week Joann Fabrics is having one of their big 40% off coupon commotion sales. A downside to having so many coupons is that a lot of times you can’t use them because Joann Fabrics likes to have a decent in-store sale at the same time they release the coupons and you can’t use the coupons on sale items. I had a list of items I needed such as some applique scissors and bobbin cases. So the plan was to stay focused on what I needed.

applique scissors

bobbin box

As I have mentioned previously, I want to use up my stash of yarn. So as I am walking through the store, I see the prettiest Sashay Sequins yarn.


You know the yarn is in the yarn section, right? And if I am trying to use up my stash, you may be wondering what I was doing the in that section, right? Well my excuse is, “I couldn’t resist”. I just wanted to look around and play “touchy feely”. I guess I got a bit carried away and put the yarn in my basket. I have used similar yarn for the Pirouette scarves I made.


When I was making the scarves, before I knew it I had so many requests for scarves that I was spending a lot of my time making scarves and not quilting. So I said, “No more”. I was done. Well apparently not, I only bought 2 skeins and fortunately it only takes about 2-2 1/2 hours to make a scarf. My girlfriend is now making scarves and selling them in her shop. So once I am done with the scarves, I will give them to her to sell and get back to quilting.

Bizzy Lady


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