Cheryl Phillips Butterfly Quilt

Good Morning Everyone,

One thing that I like to incorporate into a lot of my quilted pieces are butterflies.  After my father passed away 4 years ago, I read a book on the meaning of butterflies and how to deal with losing someone close. I found Cheryl Phillips website and she had a pattern for a circle butterfily quilt. If you look in my personal gallery page on this blog, you will see the quilt named “My Father’s Butterfly”.

This year Cheryl Phillips published a 10 Year Anniversary Platinum Book.


In this book she has a new version of the Butterfly quilt.  I have already picked my colors and have the strips cut out. These are my colors.


Bizzy Lady will also be making this quilt with me and these are her colors.


We have a few projects ahead of this quilt, but we will update once we start.

I am going to Chicago for the weekend with my mom to visit my sister. Have a nice weekend and I will be posting again on Monday.


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