Change Takes Time

So we are for the most part snowed in here in Michigan and you would think that would give me plenty of time to begin crossing things off my to do list. Yeah, well, all I can say is change takes time.

I have had some health challenges so I did commit to making healthy changes for this year. I hope after the year my changes will be routine and habit that it will be a lifestyle. I am happy to say those are going well.

Round Robin – we had since November to complete the next round. It seems to be always a challenge for me to determine how to add to the piece without detracting from it. Here is project I received..

And this is the piece with my contribution..

The piece was skinny and I felt it needed to be widened. I added a wide side border and randomly set in hexies using some prominent colors from the piece.

Until next time….

Bizzy Lady

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