Catching Up

I had a harried couple of weeks and during that time my craft room was used as a dumping ground. So when I was ready to get crafting, I had to take some time to straighten and put things back in their place so I could get to my machine, projects and supplies. I would share pictures but I am afraid you may think, “Didn’t she say she had to put things back in their place?” It is organized chaos (smile).

I also had to determine what my upcoming project deadlines are to see what needs attention and I have a bunch of them. One project that requires attention is the DAMQG monthly Round Robin. This is a challenge for me each month because the projects tend to take me out of my comfort zone both from a color and design aspect. It requires that I add to the project based on the design that is already going while at the same time putting my design stamp on it. I am still working on what I want to add. Here is the project I received….


My Mom was going through my Grandmother’s costume jewelry and asked if I wanted any. Now to most a lot of what I was given may not be of much value but for me not only was it my Grandmother’s but my creative side stepped in and saw possibilities. Stay tuned to where you may see some of what I was given incorporated into my projects….

grandma jewelry1

grandma jewelry2

Until next time….

Bizzy Lady

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