Catching Up (My Permanent State)

I feel as though I am always playing catch up. Some days are worst than others. Some days I can get like four things crossed off my list, however, in the midst of the day, ten other things have been added. Some days I start out with a plan and get nothing planned done and still add ten more things to my list. However, I just keep chugging along and do what I can when I can. I really try not to complain because in the big scheme of things a lot of my anxiety that comes from my list is self-inflicted and in the big picture of life, I am really doing alright.

So back to my list. I catch up on the TV programs I record while working on projects. I record Fons and Porter – Love of Quilting and episode 2308 was Speaking of Thread with Patrick Lose was really interesting. He talked about thread weights and satin stitching. I do quite a bit of applique and satin stitching is my preferred edge finishing choice. He also gave tips on statin stitching or what I call pivoting around corners and points. Patrick talked about techniques for making your satin stitching stand out such as using Rayon thread that has a sheen much like embroidery thread which I never thought of I just always used cotton. He also talked about metallic and iridescent threads, how they add to a project and how now they are better quality and easier to use. He mentioned using a 90 needle due to the larger eye reducing the chance of fraying or breaking. I bought some iridescent thread at the last quilt show we attended and used it on a name tag I created to test it out and loved it. (See post Quilted Name Tag from October 2013) I really thought it added another visual element to the project and was subtle enough to make it really interesting. If you have an opportunity and Love of Quilting comes on in your local area, look out for the repeat I know you will enjoy it.

As I mentioned in my last post, I was trying to decide how to complete the “round robin” project I received for February. This is the project…


I decided to add a border to each side. This is the result…..

Feb Round Robin

Well this is two things off my list. I don’t even know how long my list is but because I am always finding new opportunities and things I want to do and try, I can probably consider my list to be infinite.

Until next time…

Bizzy Lady

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