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Happy Hump Day Everyone!!!

It starting to look like and kinda feel like Spring in Detroit!!!! I’m so happy that the warm weather is coming. I don’t want to see winter boots, coats, gloves or scarves.

I am On Call for work this week and it has been crazy because it was month-end and its always crazy. So with that being said, I usually don’t venture to far from home.

Last Summer, Bizzy Lady and I spent time with her mom and also attend the AQS event in Grand Rapids. One morning she made us Habanero Jelly. At first  I wondered how would the spicy pepper taste like in a jelly. She also made us homemade bread and got Honey Baked ham and turkey.  The trick is you have to put the jelly over cream cheese to tone down the spicy flavor of the jelly.  Bizzy Lady and I fell in love with it. Before we left I asked Bizzy Lady’s mom for the recipe and I got it.  So Bizzy Lady has been asking when I was going to make it.  Well today was the day. This was my first time making jelly. I remember when I was little helping my dad make preserves but I was a kid.

20140402_175739 This is my final product. When I was making it, the spice was taking my breath away. I told Bizzy Lady, I hope its not too spicy.

I also started working on my next Sew Along Bag for my mother. Its getting easier the second time around.


Yesterday was the first of the month and that means there is a new Hexie Block of the Month.

20140401_154606 I have to now decide what colors I’m going to put together to make this Easter Basket.

Stay tuned to see what I decide on.

Until next time.

Diva Dane



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