Brother Scan N Cut

Happy Monday Everyone,

I hope y’all had a nice weekend.  I had a busy one of course. As you saw in the previous post, Bizzy Lady and I attended the Sewing Expo. While Bizzy Lady was looking into buying her new sewing machine, I was talking with one of the Brother Employees on a new toy that I saw. It’s called Brother Scan N Cut. If you are a person that appliques, scap and die cuts alot this is the best toy. Bizzy Lady and I said that we would never use or purchase a die cutter. I think I was wrong.


So with this scanner you can take a picture, scan it, cut it and then use it in your project. The lady was also showing me house you canput the Fusible on the back of your fabric and cut your applique out. We do a lot of greeting cards and note cards and this will help us alot. It also comes with over 10 quilting patterns in it.

I am thinking really long and hard on getting this new product.

Diva Dane

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