Bright Shiny Objects

Hey Everyone,

I hope the weekend was nice for everyone. As you read in Bizzy Lady’s previous post, we went to see Hello Dolly stage play. It was really nice. I didn’t do a lot of sewing this weekend. I did sew the strips I needed to for the apron project that we are currently working on.

So I have said this before, when we see a new quilt technique, pattern or project that catches our eyes we usually stop what we are working on and try out that bright shiny object.

Bizzy Lady came to be and said you need to start picking out nice bright scrap fabrics and to purchase some colorful Tulle fabric. So on one of our quilting days, she said lets try out this new technique that I saw.  First, sew a nice background with different shapes, colors and sizes. Once that is completed, you will then think of a design that you want to be the focal piece of that quilt. For testing purposes, we  used an Afro girl. The next step is to trace the design on the Tulle fabric. After that step is completed, you then pin the Tulle piece of fabric to the background piece that was just sewn and satin stitch on the traced line.  Once all of this is completed take applique or duck bill scissors and cut close to the satin stitched lines.  This is what our test art piece looks like.


Our next step is to think of more creative backgrounds to sew and designs that we would like to see made out of the Tulle fabric.

There will be more to come with this new technique.

Until next time…..

Diva Dane



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