Best Laid Plans

Diva Dane and I used to bowl on a couple of leagues. One of our leagues, was every Saturday from noon until about 4pm. We decided not to bowl this season on Saturdays to devote more time to our craft projects and business. We both have full-time jobs and work to carve out as much time as we can for our crafts. My plan for this Saturday was to rise early, run a few errands and return home to work in my studio. As I mentioned previously, I am working on my UFOs. In a previous post, I showed a bag I started and my goal was to finish it today. The handle of the bag calls for 8 curtain grommets and today I managed to complete 1 grommet. How many? “1” Ugh!!!

purse grommet

My wonderful hubby has been collecting items for his man cave and today he decides he wants to go to Sam’s Club and Costco and I had to go with him because he couldn’t possibly make decisions for his man cave without me. It is football season and he is ready to spend the season in his cave. Have you ever been in Sam’s Club or Costco on a Saturday? Ugh!!! So my day did not go as planned but the day isn’t over. Maybe I can have 2 grommets done before the end of the day.

Bizzy Lady

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