Hey Everyone,

Bizzy Lady and I are loving the summer we are having. We just got back from Bahamas and it was amazing. I love that place. Bizzy Lady and I have already decided we are staying for  10 days next year instead of 6.

During this trip we learned so much more about the Bahamas. There are over 100 islands that are beautiful and we need to venture out more to visit those locations.

We will be back to sewing, we promise and have more quilting tips, quilts, bags and demos to show you all.

Below are a few pictures of what we saw:

Until next time…

Diva Dane



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  1. Gaye Tolliver says:

    Looks like it would definitely be a fun 10 day trip; love all the colorful art/mosaics, the drinks look tempting, but most impressed by the picture of the rays (was this from a boat tour?). Back to work, now!

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