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I have had a really busy summer. Lots of outdoor activities like bike riding. As shown in a previous post, Diva Dane got a new bike and so did I.


Lots of travel – Bahamas, Martha’s Vineyard, Kentucky Bourbon Trail, AQS in Grand Rapids, Michigan, etc. This means I really haven’t been doing much crafting. Things are starting to get back to normal or routine (I really don’t think I know what normal is). I am anxious to get working on the laundry list of projects I have accumulated. So with good intentions, I joined a number of clubs this year. I have printed the patterns and put them in project bags with supplies. I still have to select fabric for most of them but I am excited to start clearing my list.

One of the clubs I recently joined along with Diva Dane is Crafty Gemini’s Bag of the Month Club. In a previous post, you saw Diva Dane’s first bag from August, the Stacie Bag. Here is my Stacie Bag. I want to say that I really like Crafty Gemini’s and Jenny Doan Missouri Star Quilt Co.’s instructional videos. I follow them and make a lot of projects/patterns they feature.

I really wanted some Tula Pink fabric from her Elizabeth line. It really wasn’t being widely sold and I found some on Etsy from the Modern Quilter. Well, I had a brain fog and purchased the fabric twice, once as half yards and then in fat quarters. I will be making my Crafty Gemini Bag of the Month bags (Aug-Dec) all featuring Tula Pink fabric.

Sometimes when I have a list of projects waiting and I get time to craft, I choose to do or start something that is not on my list. Have you ever experienced this? I got to thinking while driving, is this a crafter’s trait or am I just undisciplined? I would like to hear your thoughts on this.

Until next time……

Bizzy Lady

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