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Happy Friday!!!!!

I can’t believe that today is the second day of Fall. I am not ready for the weather change. I hope it stays warm for a very long time. I am really into making bags now. It’s so funny, now I see patterns and I have to have them. LOL  So when I find one, I then pass it over to Bizzy Lady so that I drag her into my madness.

I have completed the Crafty Gemini September Bag of the month. Its called the Loraine bag. This bag has 12 grommets to make the drawstring at the top.  This is the first bag that I made.


wp-1474635062665.jpg wp-1474635062296.jpg

I struggled with making the grommet holes and setting the grommets. As part of the Crafty Gemini BOM we have a Facebook group that everyone can post pictures and suggest different ideas or share different findings. One of the members posting a Grommet Pliers that she purchased from Joann Fabrics.

I was determined after I purchased this to make another Loraine Bag and set grommets. This tool was so easy to use to make the holes and set the grommets.

This is my second Loraine Bag.


wp-1474636118815.jpg wp-1474636118803.jpg

As you can see in these two bags I’m using Cork Fabric. I have fallen in love with it.  You should visit, Sew Sweetness Shop and find the various colors of Cork fabric.  I have only purchased the Natural and Blue. It’s so easy to sew through and I will be purchasing more colors.

I’m also part of the Bag of The Month club. I haven’t made any bags and its already September. I had the Brooklyn Bag pattern pieces cut out for about three months. So I finally said okay you are going to make this bag. I love it alot. I think I will make another one as well. With this purse a used Glitter Vinyl for the accents.


wp-1474635814449.jpg wp-1474635710243.jpg


Well I need to get back to making quilts I guess. I signed up for a Marvel Swap and I need to get started.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and talk to you soon.

Until next time…..

Diva Dane


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