Applique Workshop

Diva Dane and I taught a machine applique workshop today based on the following:

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I can’t speak for the attendees but I can speak to the vibe of the class and it felt really good. Diva Dane and I teach quite often in our 9 to 5. However, this was the first quilt class we have developed, designed and taught. Our goal was to provide a good experience for the attendees and I felt that we accomplished our goal. Many of the attendees left with very close to finished tops and the information, tools, and techniques needed on finishing such as satin stitching. When they are complete, they will be sending us pictures or letting us take pictures of their finished work to share on the blog. I can’t wait to share their work with our followers and visitors.

I spent 6 years as a technical instructor so I am comfortable delivering a class, however, a majority of the time once I get going, I feel there is never enough time. As the attendees begin to see their work take shape and you start to see the recognition in their eyes, you want to keep talking. I really enjoyed it. They say if you find something you love to do and have the fortunate opportunity to do it, you never have to work another day in your life. I love creating and I love sharing information so when I am creating and/or teaching, it definitely does not feel like work. Diva Dane and I are onboard to teach the class again and are looking forward to it.

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