African Mask

Well this has been 3 years in the making. A fellow guild member taught Dana and I crewel at a quilting retreat we organized. Crewel is a form of embroidery. I would pick it up and put it down every once in a while. So I tend to get in these finish UFO moods and I was tired of looking at this in the hoop. The muslin in the hoop was starting to get dusty (lol). We took a coloring book picture of an African mask and traced it onto a piece of muslin. (I have to remember to start taking pictures of my work as it goes through the stages to completion.) So once the mask was traced on the muslin, we got a piece of interfacing and put it in a small hoop, I think it’s 10 inch.


We purchased cotton perle and a embroidery needle and began stitching the outline of the mask and then filled it in which took me years. This is the end result.


Took the mask and made a small wall hanging.


Bizzy Lady

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  1. Jacquie says:

    Wow, this looks like hard work. Maybe I should just say it really looks time consuming, but that’s what crafting is all about. I like that you’re sharing. Thanks.

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