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We are The Craft Divas, Lynette (aka Bizzy Lady) and Dana (aka Diva Dane). Michigan girls born and raised.


We both have craft studios in our homes. Our journey as The Craft Divas started over 10 years ago. We are members of a number of groups such as The Great Lakes African American Quilters Network (GLAAQN), The Detroit Area Modern Quilt Guild (DAMQG) and the American Quilters Society (AQS). Our work has been shown at places and events such as Quilt Shows, the Virgil Carr Cultural Arts Center in Detroit, MI, the Michigan State Fair, and the African World Festival in Detroit, MI. We have planned and hosted various craft events. We teach classes. We look forward to continuing to exercise our creativity, sharing with others and to the creative adventures the future will bring.

Lynette profile picI, Bizzy Lady, have a passion for creating and crafting. I got the name Bizzy from my husband who would always tell me, “You just can’t sit still”. I have always done some sort of creative work. As a young girl I can remember doing latch hook projects. My mother taught me to crochet. I later took a knitting class and now I create both knit and crochet designs. My mother also sewed and then in junior high school I began to sew. I created outfits for fashion shows and other events while growing up. I sewed for my son when he was young and I remember when he was about 4 years old and I made him a clown costume, I was done. I said I would never sew another piece of clothing again. I didn’t want to see a gather, cuff, buttonhole or waistband ever again. I even got rid of my sewing machine. One day Diva Dane said, “Give me $40 dollars.” I said, “For what?”. She said, “You are taking a quilting class with me.” I immediately told her I had no desire to ever sew again but I handed over the $40, had to go buy a sewing machine and that was over 10 years ago. I still have no desire to ever sew clothing again but love quilting, bag making and other craft skills such as machine embroidery I have picked up along the way. When we began to explore the world of quilting, I was fascinated by the works of art others were creating and the many different facets of working with fabric. It was definitely not my grandmother’s quilting. I would have never thought I would develop such passion and enthusiasm for being a fiber artist. I also have enjoyed those that we have met and connected with along the way that also share our love of the creative process.

dana pic websiteI, Diva Dane, am a young professional who creates every opportunity I can. As a young girl I liked to craft. I remember my mother would take me to Frank’s Nursery every weekend, so that I could buy paint and different wooden objects that I could paint them and make magnets for the refrigerator. Some years ago I started making jewelry and other accessories. My work was well received. I was invited to participate in a number of craft events and had an article written about me in the Detroit News. I then decided I wanted to learn to sew. I signed up for a sewing class at Joann Fabrics where I made a blouse and that was the last garment I made. The sewing instructor was also the quilt instructor. After speaking with her and looking at the quilts she had displayed in the classroom, I was hooked. I immediately told my friend, Bizzy Lady, to give me money because she was taking the class too. She protested for about 5 minutes but then she relented. More than 10 years later and we are still going strong. I love attending workshops and shows, learning new techniques, and scouring the Internet to see what others are doing. My plan is to be published very soon. I want to publish some of the patterns I have created and who knows there may be a book in our future. We want to continue to conduct workshops to share our love for crafting with others that would like to learn.

Again, welcome from The Craft Divas and hope you visit with us often to see what we do next.

The Craft Divas

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  1. Ariel says:

    The work I’ve seen on your website is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Great talent! Lynette – thanks for telling me about your hobby and showing me the website.

  2. Gwen Foxx says:

    Remarkable craftmenship! Two very extrodinary ladies!

  3. Gwen Foxx says:

    Two Angels and Such Beautiful Blessings in my life : )

  4. Twanda says:

    keep up the fabulous work!!

  5. reallah1 says:

    Hello I met you this evening. Im Terrell but my friends call me wizz anyway I w as emailing inquiring about when was the next meeting for the glaaqn .the website and facebook seemed not have been updated since 2k14.

  6. reallah1 says:

    Now is this for glaaqn? If so then ill see you then

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