A Fabric Challenge

I just love a challenge and boy did we get one. Our guild had fabric from South Africa donated. The stipulation was that if we took fabric that we had to do a project with it and use all the fabrics in the same project. I was so excited, WOW, fabric from South Africa. The fabric was separated into packets and you just went up and picked a packet. We were informed that all the packets contained the same fabric so there was no need to (as we fabric lovers like to do) open, feel, etc. So I went up and picked up my packet. Then I opened my packet and this is what I saw:

safrica fabrics for sprays and splatters

Oh my! My first thought was can I give the packet back. My second thought was I have to save face, man up and put my creative juices to work. I am one of The Craft Divas after all. I was really pleased with my finished project – Sprays and Splatters.

sprays and splatters

Using the hand spraying fabric as my inspiration, I used the applique technique to create that same design using the other fabrics. I chose to have the background of the blocks to be close to, not exact, in color of what would be complementary colors of the fabric received. Then cut circles of various fabrics and randomly placed them around the quilt the represent the splatter.

Looking forward to my next challenge….

Bizzy Lady

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