1 Hour Basket Review

Hi Everyone,

One day I was searching on Instagram and I saw everyone making the 1 hour basket and I decided to find the designer’s website and find the pattern.  The 1 Hour Basket Tutorial by Kelby Sews, can be found here.

I must say, at one point in time Bizzy Lady and I swore we would not make bags, totes, purses and things of that nature. And look at us know, we are doing the same things we said we wouldn’t.  🙂

You can make this basket in 1 hour and the tutorial is very detailed and easy to follow.

I have made 3 baskets so far and I will be making more for the holidays.

I first selected my fabric for my mom’s basket.



Next, I started cutting my pattern out and designed the lining and exterior fabric pieces.



I also designed the strap.


These are pictures of my exterior and the lining once sewed together.


wpid-img_20150509_154321.jpg wpid-img_20150509_155027.jpg

Once that process is completed, I placed my handles in the proper location and the pinned the lining and exterior pieces and sewed them all together, leaving a small opening in the bottom to turn the fabric pieces inside out.


wpid-img_20150509_155359.jpg wpid-img_20150509_155907.jpg wpid-img_20150509_160334.jpg wpid-img_20150509_160424.jpg

Once that was completed, I sewed the final stitching around the whole basket.


wpid-img_20150509_160927.jpg wpid-img_20150509_161414.jpg

And sewed the lining together.



One my mother’s basket is complete.



Everyone if you haven’t, please support the designer and download the pattern and make this basket. This is a great pattern.

Until next time…..

Diva Dane




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